Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Unknown Tablet is better than your Ipad.

I don't know the name... is it safe?

We know that you'll probably feel more comfortable with the idea of well-known branded devices. They have reputation and prestige, and the feeling of a big company behind them. But you may have forgotten that sometimes brands that are big now were once themselves quite tiny, or maybe have been well-known but were not involved in phone manufacture, and sometimes not long ago. Who had heard of phones made by Samsung, LG or HTC five years ago?

You may not be aware that phones aren't necessarily only manufactured in factories owned by the brands themselves. In many industries it is common for a branded manufacturer to use the manufacturing facilities of smaller companies, who make products to their design and specification. Often commercial agreements will prevent them publishing their role as a manufacturer for a more well-known brand. In fact, sometimes a larger manufacturer who wants in on a market will go to the existing manufacturer that is unknown to consumers and work with them to tailor a model for their own marketing requirements and branded with their own name. Some manufacturers specialise in producing products for big names to tailor to their own specification and brand as their own.

So smaller and lesser-known brand names can be just as good as big brands, even though they may choose to target customers who seek a combination of functionality and value as a priority over prestige. Because they aim to differentiate their own branded items by targeting a value market, they may include a slightly lower-resolution camera, for instance, or headphones that probably won't be the super-duper audiophile quality the top brands sometimes use for bumping up the price excessively – but they'll still be perfectly good quality to the vast majority of people.

It depends on what is important to you, but the essential qualities and functionality are very comparable, yet at a much cheaper price. We've carefully picked some outstanding models from up-and-coming or behind-the-scenes manufacturers that we're certain offer excellent value for money as well as the dependable quality you need from a device that is very likely to become a constant companion in your life. For some people, our value brands may enable access to the life-changing convenience and functionality that otherwise might have been too far out of reach.


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